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Magnum Collection

Magnum Collection: The Magnum Distribution

Harking back to the analogue days of photo distribution, the Magnum Distribution is a full photographic story in an envelope. Each pack contains eight 8x10” prints, hand-stamped with the Magnum Collection stamp and the photographer’s copyright stamp, and accompanied by a printed page detailing the story and individual captions.

Up until the 1990s and the digital era, print distribution was the means by which stories from the world’s photographers would land on the desks of photo editors. These “distros” were the daily working tools of photo editors, used for previewing, copywriting and layout before publication.

From its inception in 1947, Magnum Photos produced hundreds of these press sets every year, and still hosts print archives in Paris and London. The earliest silver gelatin prints have now taken on significant value in the print market with some ending up in museums and private collections.

Our contemporary version of the distro plays on the nostalgia of the press print, and makes the work of Magnum photographers available to purchase as an unsigned set of digital C-type prints, exclusively through the Magnum Shop, in a limited edition of 100. Each pack is numbered from 1 to 100 on its envelope.

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