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Paolo Pellegrin: NASA IceBridge

"From up there, it’s ecstasy in front of the magnificent. I think I understood what the romantic notion of the sublime was: It’s not only the absolute beauty of these landscapes, it’s the sensation of finding yourself in front of a presence that speaks of eternity. I knew I was looking at something exceedingly beautiful – like a Sistine Chapel of nature – a beauty that is hard to grasp but which also contains something which is not well.” - Paolo Pellegrin

These images, aerials, were taken from a NASA P3 plane flying over Venable 01A (a NASA flight surveying climate change in Antastica). Antarctica. 2017.

In November 2017, Paolo Pellegrin joined NASA’s IceBridge expedition to document the impact of climate change on the Antarctic, showing the deceptive beauty of a damaged environment. Pellegrin’s choice of perspective feeds the confusion of climate change not being a straightforward narrative, blurring the lines between micro and macro. The images are graphic and abstract on first glance, but simultaneously convey specifics such as a calved iceberg flowing through frozen seawater known as pancake ice, a crevasse measuring a few thousand feet or a 100-ft.-tall iceberg floating in the open sea.

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