Magnum Gallery represents all generations of Magnum photographers and estates, honoring the legacy of its 75-year old archive whilst nurturing the careers of the co-operative’s younger generation of photographers. Operating in Paris, Magnum Gallery has a robust online and offline exhibition program and works with institutions, seasoned collectors, as well as amateurs in the art world, aiming at a wide public engagement for art.
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The Bikeriders

Magnum Gallery is proud to present an online exhibition of Danny Lyon’s celebrated series,The Bikeriders, offering a raw insight into 1960s American biker culture.

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Emotions of the Sun

In an immense collaboration between Magnum and Veuve Clicquot, eight photographers across five continents were given one assignment: to interpret the force and beauty of the sun.

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But Seriously

This exhibition brings together black-and-white photographs that exemplify the combination of wit, absurdity, and elegance wholly characteristic of Elliott Erwitt's work and perspective.


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