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Alessandra Sanguinetti was born in New York in 1968, and brought up in Argentina where she lived from 1970 until 2003. In 1996 she began working on a series eventually titled, On the Sixth Day, which explored the nuanced relationship between man and domesticated animals in the countryside in Argentina. Three years into this project, she turned her attention to two nine-year-old cousins, Belinda and Guille, whose grandmother’s farm had been the subject of On the Sixth Day. Sanguinetti embarked on a lifelong project, collaboratively photographing the two girls as they grew up and presently as adult women. The first five years culminated in a much-acclaimed monograph, The Adventures of Belinda and Guille and the Meaning of their Enigmatic Dreams (2010), followed by its sequel The Illusion of an Everlasting Summer (2022).

Sanguinetti is a recipient of numerous awards and grants such as Guggenheim Foundation fellowship, a Hasselblad Foundation grant, and a Sundance Development Grant. Her photographs are included in public and private collections, including the Museum of Modern Art (NY), and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
Alessandra Sanguinetti Fine Prints

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