Import Taxes

The Magnum Photos Shop is located in the United States. Duties, taxes, and applicable customs fees are applied at checkout. Please note that any discount codes will not apply to duties and taxes.

California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey & New York Sales Tax Magnum Photos collects sales tax for purchases shipped to an address within California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey & New York. Sales tax is not similar to a VAT and cannot be recovered by visitors when leaving the US and returning home.

Returns & Replacements

When returning a product to the Magnum Shop from a destination outside of the US, the sender will be considered the exporter from the destination country. Title and risk of loss transfer to Magnum upon receipt of the merchandise. Magnum Photos and the Shop is unable to assist in recovering taxes, duties and customs. Shipping carriers may be able to assist for a fee. Please contact shipping carriers directly to initiate this service.

In line with the return policy, there is a 14 day window from order receipt to initiate a return. Please see our returns policy for additional details.


Your privacy is important to us. Cross-border shipments are subject to inspection by customs authorities. International carriers may ask Magnum to provide certain order, shipment, and product information. And, carriers may communicate this information to customs authorities for the purpose of facilitating customs clearance and compliance with local laws.