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‘This is a toast to the Caucasus, and through the Caucasus to Georgia. This place, at a very young age, has taught me about life – in the horrors of war – in the beauty of peace. A toast to all its people, regardless of their nationality and traditions. May God give them peace. I would like to thank you for your hospitality, and thank you for having allowed me to be part of your lives, culture and reality. Thank you for having taken me for what I am and as one of yours, allowed me to live alongside with you, in passion and obsession. Thank you for the everlasting friendship. Thank God that I had the luck to find you and your land. Meeting you was the most beautiful thing that could have happened in my life. Forever I will be proud to be a Prisoner of the Caucasus. For You!’

Irreversibly a ‘Prisoner of the Caucasus’, Thomas Dworzak assembles his nostalgic black and white photographs and quotes from Russian 19th century romantic literature.The book is bilingual English/ Russian. The captions are also in Azeri and Georgian.

This book has been printed in a limited edition of 2000 copies, 1200 of which in English/Russian (this edition).


Format: Hardcover / Clothbound
Pages: 192 pages, 80 photos in duotone + 24 pages in transfer paper
Size: 12 x 9.4 inches
Publisher: Schilt Publishing
Publication Year: 2010
ISBN: 9789053306994


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