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Patrick Zachmann

Patrick Zachmann (b. 1955) has been a freelance photographer since 1976. He has dedicated himself to long-term projects on the cultural identity, memory and immigration of different communities. In 1989, his story on the events at Beijing's Tiananmen Square was widely published in the international press and his work was awarded the prestigious Prix Niepce. Zachmann’s published books include: Enquête d'Identité ou Un Juif à la recherche de sa mémoire (1987) and W., ou L'Œil d'un Long Nez (1995). Zachmann’s directed films include: the short film, La Mémoire de Mon Père (My Father's Memory) and the feature-length films Allers-retour: Journal d'un Photographe (Round trip: diary of a photographer) and Bar Centre des Autocars.