Nanna Heitmann

Khuresh wrestlers. Yenisei River, Kyzyl, Russia, 2018

Multiple sizes available

Khuresh is a type of wrestling sport and the national sport of the Tuvan Republic, a partially recognized state in southern Siberia. No national festivity is celebrated without a khuresh match. The people of Tuva even create sagas and legends about their favorite athletes, ascribing supernatural qualities to them. In this picture, two young athletes are practicing khuresh: the fighter who first touches the ground with any part of his body except for his feet or hands, loses.


Archival pigment
Limited edition

40 x 50 cm (image size) - edition of 8
60 x 75 cm (image size) - edition of 8
120 x 150 cm (image size) - edition of 3


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