Lindokuhle Sobekwa

Johannesburg, South Africa, 2023

Multiple sizes available

Lindokuhle Sobekwa is known for his distinctive, visual storytelling, which often revolves around his own, personal stories and those of others in his everyday surroundings. This project is very much based on his personal and intimate approach. Sobekwa worked in his native country, South Africa, where he was inspired to shoot during the Spring, a time that, in his own words, is “like sunrise: a time when everything starts to live again, to flourish, a period full of joy.” He began photographing in September, when Spring arrives in South Africa and the days are getting longer and brighter, beautifully capturing the stunning sunsets and sunrises that the region is famous for at this unique time of year. His delicate photographs bear witness to the deep and spontaneous bond that unites humans with nature. His exquisite portraits of blossoming flowers, in rich and bright colors, are an ode to the sun, and to the fertility, joy and abundance our nearest star brings to the world. The series makes palpable the gentle caress of the spring sun, and the sheer energy of nature. Sobekwa’s warm and graceful images, full of light and vibrancy, are, as he explains, “a reflection of what we see with our human eye”.


Archival pigment
Limited edition

40 x 50 cm (paper size) - edition of 7 + 2 Artist Proofs
80 x 100 cm (paper size) - edition of 3 + 2 Artist Proofs


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