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The Circuit

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Bruce Gilden has never taken a break from his photography. Except once, in that miserable spring of 2020 when the first Covid attack took us prisoners. Stuck upstate New York with no assistant, and left with his Leica, his wife and a car, ‘lockdowned’ Bruce was going nuts.

Late May, after the death of George Floyd, History came to the rescue with the massive protests springing out all over New York City. Bruce went to explore, driving back and forth to war zone Brooklyn and walking miles and miles on the street in pursuit of the rallies. Until one special day in early June at Barclays Center when the story of Bruce and the Bikers took off.

Bruce found himself caught right in the middle of a loud and spectacular crowd of bikers, predominantly Black. He had just landed in a ride-out prayer for George Floyd called by the mysterious ‘Circuit’, as New York’s Black motorbike community nickname their huge network and its numerous social affairs. After that, Bruce had only one idea in mind: “Find the Bikers...”

And so began a relationship that continues to this day. Determined to explore the real ‘Bike life’ of this unknown and often feared community, Bruce embarked on the social itinerary of the MC ‘Circuit”, photographing tirelessly in and out and beyond New York at the events where the family of riders meet. By the end of the summer, the Bikers had a nickname for Bruce – they called him ‘Everywhere’. Now that he’s a regular on the Circuit, with many good friends within the community, that’s changed to ‘OG’ (Old Guard) or simply ‘Bro’.


First edition
Publisher: Dewi Lewis
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Clothbound hardback
Pages: 128, 80 images
Size: 11.8 x 10.2 inches (300 x 260mm)


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